An experiment in DeFi & Astrophysics

- A Gravity Game Production -

Our Mission

The Dust
Token Experiment

"Dust in space behaves quite unusually. We're not sure where it comes from, but DUST begins to clump together in strange locations. What we do know is that as the DUST clump grows larger, it's ability to collect more dust grows exponentially! We have created an experiment in DeFi to see how this Dust behaves and to build the intro to the Gravity Game"

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Your Mission

Find The

We have surveyed a section of space where this DUST seems to be highly concentrated.
The forbidden Zone
This is where we will be sending you.

Find and Collect the DUST. We need to study its origins!
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Token Contract
Upon your arrival

Collect the

While you are in the FORBIDDEN ZONE, you are to collect as much DUST as possible. We have supplied your containment devices: TRUST, Metamask, and Coinbase Wallet.

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TRUST wallet
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# # # #
Coinbase Wallet

the dust

If our initial hypothesis is correct, the collected dust will begin to attract more dust. As the DUST clumps together, it's ability to attract more DUST becomes even greater.

Vanishing Dust


When DUST clumps are handled or moved around, particles of DUST fall off back into space.
Some of these particles become attracted to other clumps but some particles vanish from existence completely. Be sure to handle your DUST with care!

The Next Step

Is There

We recently had one of our leading researchers express the idea that this DUST may contain LIFE If this is infact true, we may be dealing with something extraordinary!