Who are the experienced experts that help create the game?
To have an open mind, we decided to use a help of different experts. There is a worldwide-known game Fallout. I played it too. There is a wave of fanatic players of 90s. Everybody knows Fallout. They still crack jokes about "92". Of course, they know how to make a good game. And they offered us their help. And every aspect has its own supervisor or supervisors, who control everything. There is a space and there is an astronaut, who makes sure that everything is realistic. Our shooter is tactical. We are great players ourselves, but there is also an instructor, who prepares fighters. He knows what are shooter and tactics. And he makes sure that we have realistic shooter mechanic. Alex logs in to make sure that the game is playable. And he has his group of experts as well. These experts make sure that everything is done on the highest level. And when you do everything with a high level of quality you'll get a great product. Just like you combine the best ingredients in a perfect dish