What's the innovation of the project?
Innovation of the project is what we create. Let's start with the game world. It is three-dimensional. It's nothing like the 3D games we play today. In games like Counter-Strike or Onward the world is not a complete 3d. Because the action takes place mostly in 2 dimensions. Even when you get to another floor it is still those 2d. I mean there is a platform with houses and other objects. And we say that we have complete 3d. We take a classic and cybersporty shooter mechanic and improve it with one additional dimension. We don't run on one flat platform, we run inside an airship gondola. The thing is that we organize human action in it. I mean, we get finances from such a tool as a cryptocurrency. It is pretty new and is still gaining its popularity. Some guys create games using crypto, but there haven't been any big and serious projects yet. Crypto games today are CryptoKitties and such. Little simple games which show us the birth of a new technology. And we are talking about taking an old-style format, adding one more dimension, and creating its own economic system. And as a result, player is interested and he feels comfortable, because there are no limits or barriers. You defeat enemies, earn glory, you can share your glory with anybody who can give you anything useful, you can sell this stuff and get money. So many young people will be pleased. A parent asks him: "What are you doing? Playing your games", and you show that you are earning money this way, so there are no more questions. So many gamers will get more freedom. They will get ways to earn profit. And what about tournaments, prizes. And it is all possible with the help of crypto, where everything is decentralized and, as a consequence, honest.