What is new about the game
There were no good tries in creating such a game. All what have been before, was not completed, it was boring with no fan-base and so on. Of course, there have been some bright ideas but the realization sucked. That's why players would pay their attention to our project. They would be interested because it's a real AAA. AAA - is a guaranteeŠµŠµ of quality. Players would see nearly photographic quality of graphics, so if you look closer you can see some small details like scratches or a fabric. Modern technologies allow us to do that. Why not use it? We would have a top-quality product from graphics, plot and gameplay perspectives. It will take your interest for sure.
Dynamics of the game
Player should travel fast. He should bunny-hop, levitate, move to another surface. So that's why we insist on a high dynamic pace. It will be achieved with the help of our physics engine. Today gaming engines like Unreal or Unity provide us with the incredible level of detail from physics perspective. Take a drop of water levitating in zero-gravity, for example. It will interact with different objects. if a rocket flies through it, it will leave a track and it can stuck in liquid. And it will also affect player.