What is G_Gravity_0?
Today we have a huge number of shooters. They may be different but they all have 1 common trait: Players are moving mostly on one platform. Either a street, or a floor of a building, the player moves on one type of surface. So we got the idea to create a game where you can also fly in zero-gravity. Fly freely. How would it look like: the player runs and sticks to different surfaces with the help of his magnet boots. This gives players a great freedom. We can construct new magnificent locations and new tactics, with addition of unusual architecture not typical for this kind of games. Concept of the game. The player uploads his mind into an avatar, which is a full copy of a human body. Action takes place on an ancient alien space station. And the station's machinery replicates the body of a person, just like 3d printer, construction the body using the biological material just the way it was at the moment of scanning. As the number of people willing to settle on the station is too big, since people on Earth are trying to escape the global disaster. So people fight for that space. They divide into 2 fractions. What is more, the station is being defended by the alien Defense System, which messes with players. The global goal is to reach the orbital lift and expand the human kind on the surface of the planet.