For us, cybersport is shooters. I can improve my accuracy; I can master playing tactics. My friends I can go on tournaments to compare our skills to others'. People adore being winners. It's very easy to find out, who is winning. Cybersport also includes VR. Because it gives you absolutely different gaming experience. Once you try VR, you'll never return to the ordinary screen. And everybody likes it. It's a sport. It's a game, where you really have to sit down in order to sit down in the game. Usually you do hundreds of squats every hour and even spend dozens of minutes in a half-sit position. Your legs are going to be hard as steel. Controllers weigh half a kilo. You stand with them couple of hours plus heavy VR helmet – and you are in good shape. It's a cybersport and there is no limit for self-improvement. Even if you play 10 or 20 years you may find someone with your level of skill. And obviously, it's a team game. We are structuring our project for a teamwork.