What opportunities does the project give to investors?

Let's start with "small" investors. There are big and small ones. The big ones can join the project later when we have greater liquidity. Smaller investors join with smaller means. For example, During the first stage of pre-sale we got a bunch of small investors. Before market release we have assembling stages. It's important for investors that there should be profit matching the risks. So, this way, joining during stage 1 is more profitable than joining during stage 2. And joining during stage 2 is more profitable than joining after stage 3. And every stage is more profitable than release period. And if the competent team deals with the asset, it is good to invest in it. Because every qualified team won't let the asset go low. Who would be interested in it when even the company doesn't. Every good company should keep their asset at certain level. If we don't go lower, we go higher. Everyone understands the idea, it's useful to buy a token to sell it later when there is hype and it costs more. Investors must be interested in that.
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