The Legend

We also plan to develop the game's plot. We have a massive lore, which says about what happened on the Earth, how did humans find the Station and so on. We also have great plans for the future plot development. The further you get, the more you know about the planet and its force shield. The force shield generator is located in the hearth of the station. Once you'll find out that you have to use the orbital lift. And it' s going to be a new game mode about descending to the planet's surface. It will look like Bifrost from Thor movies. And during the trip there will be an intense confrontation. By the way, in order to use the lift, players would have to get enough rep points and experience. You can get them by completing daily achievements. There is also a possibility of creating the all-new location for the game - the planet's surface. There would be new physics. Players would find out why the planet was isolated and they would have to unite.