Status report #6
Fix bugs character drop under location
Fix small bugs
Rework animation sistem
weapon optimization
login server
save player data
game statistics
gaining experience
rework of the transfer system
setting up new animations
setting up new animations
anti-aliasing camera movements
integration of character parameters
completion of network synchronization of characters
add weapons to the game
add weapons to the game pull out physics
list of models for automaton improvements
battle complete menu
general mechanics
battle menu
effects mechanism icon list for effects
description of all the characteristics of the machine gun
description of all characteristics of the rifle
description of all the characteristics of the machine
list of character buffs and debuffs
search and purchase effect assets
build settings interface
build the start menu interface
build equipment menu
build the main menu interface
Testing game versions
5 extended barrels
5 versions of silencers
5 types of weapons
Lobby location concept and model
Animation Rig Machine Gun
Machine gun shooting
Reloading machine gun
Aiming with a machine gun
Throwing up a machine gun
Walking with a machine gun
Running with a machine gun
Lower machine gun
Shoot the target with a machine gun