The idea is simple. We're talking about business. We think that every initiative should bring money. And our project should have a source of profit. In a game like "Gravity" this source can be the sale of in-game content. It means that money comes, when people buy some stuff... skins, suits... They can buy something to customize or to improve their skill. This is how we get money. How do we spend it. Firstly, it is spent for the game universe development. And secondly, it's used for developers' wages. It's very convenient to use 2 types of assets. The first one is a project percentage, and the second one is the in-game currency. This cryptocurrency lets you buy in-game stuff. It is used to pay, for example, freelance designers involved in the project. This currency can be bought on an open source, for example, at stock exchange. You can also sell it or convert it into the needed currency. Autonomic, independent ecosystem, infrastructure that can function on its own.